Discover the many exciting ways that we could travel to space, now and in the future, with this colourful fact file for budding astronauts and space tourists. Space travel has never been so accessible, with NASA even aiming to land humans on Mars in the 2030s. This book is a launchpad for the curiosity and intrepid nature that any young space traveller will need to have in our solar system and beyond.

Learn all about the ways humans go to space today and how we’ll likely live there decades from now, with these twelve fascinating ‘tickets’:Fly in a space balloonRide on a spaceplaneBuild your own rocketWin the space lotteryBecome an astronaut pilotBe a science mission specialistGet sponsored to go to spaceWork as a space engineerVisit the Moon as a space touristVolunteer to colonize MarsLaunch your personal time capsule into space, andSend a message on a beam of light to travel forever among the stars!Ripped-from-the-headlines STEM content meets creative, accessible ways to bring space to you across these twelve illustrated, four-page scenarios. You’ll also explore the International Space Station with a detailed cutaway map, visit a gallery of iconic rockets, and find out what it takes to be a real-life star-sailor at the astronaut training academy. Plus, at the Astronaut Hall of Fame, marvel at the achievements of explorers past – and milestones that could be reached in your lifetime.

When you’re finished with the tickets, start planning your journey to space with tips and prompts on how to prepare, such as riding a roller coaster to get used to zero-g, camping out beneath the stars, and designing your rocket, space station or lunar base. With Terri Po’s whizz-bang illustrations of rockets, space stations, EVA suits, satellites and much, much more, 12 Ways to Get a Ticket to Space brings space travel within young readers’ orbit, and lets them experience something that may one day be their reality.