Learn the importance of home and welcoming new people into communities with this beautifully illustrated picture book. Flora slept and woke. She felt sun And wind And every day she searched the horizon for something small That would grow into a home.

One day, a weaver ant family’s world is turned upside down when their home is destroyed. With only a few belongings on their backs, they set off in search of a place to live, meeting many creatures on the way. Some are kind, some are not so kind.

Some of the places are warm, some are cold. Sometimes the creatures they meet are friendly, sometimes they are not. And some are on similar journeys, moving across the land.

They stay here and there, under and over ground, up high and down low. But none of the places feel quite right. Will the weavers ever find somewhere they can call home again? This heartwarming read from award-winning illustrator Victoria Turnbull teaches values of inclusivity and community, putting the concepts of displacement and asylum into terms that young children can easily understand.

A book that encourages kids to be welcoming and considerate, empowering them to be kind to all. Praise for Victoria Turnbull’s previous books: ‘Utterly magical storytelling’ —The Bookseller ‘As an artist, Turnbull has two crucial gifts: the power of imagination and the ability to make emotions visible’—Publishers Weekly ‘Incandescent’—Kirkus