Hearts and minds ripped to shreds.
Amid turmoil surrounding devastating attacks across the world, the dragon domain faces the planet’s greatest fear: global terrorism by an unknown force of magic users.
Against this backdrop, and with Manson’s deadly scheme in full swing, events quickly turn from bad to worse. An army of nagas controlled by the threat to their king, help the evil dragon storm the kingdom, capturing or destroying nearly everything in their way.
With no help on the horizon and the dragons below ground neutralised, how will the threat be stopped?
Can the briefest glimpse into the future turn the tide?
Will the white dragon turn out to be their saviour?
Or will a fierce lacrosse match prove to be the turning point for a rescue so unconventional, nobody could ever see it coming?
Lose the stress and instantly escape into a world packed full of dragons, hidden in plain sight.


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A Twisted Prophecy (The White ...


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