Britain of the not-too-distant future is a country at war with itself. After years of anarchy and chaos, bloodthirsty gangs and citywide destruction, The Party are now fighting to restore order through whatever means necessary – the fist, the bullet and even the terrifying practice of The Wash. It is a war between the lawless and their self-appointed judges, and neither side will relent until the other is destroyed. After an attack on their headquarters, a small band of Party members flee across the country, seeking refuge in a safe house deep in the snowy forests around Bleeker Hill. But as they near their destination, it soon becomes clear that the enemy they are running from may not be the biggest threat they will face. Because Bleeker Hill is far from safe… and they are not alone. As night closes in and the tensions within the group threaten to spiral out of control, each of them is soon forced to face a nightmare from which it might not be possible to escape. Bleeker Hill has a dark history and many stories to tell, and it will be heard…

‘A really well crafted cautionary tale of a dystopian Britain and the horrors it creates. The writing is tense, edge of the seat stuff, with some fantastic turn of phrases.’ — Tarn Richardson (author of The Damned)

‘A chilling look into the dark heart of a dystopian Britain. A taut and tense thriller that will leave you fretful with fear.’ –Ginger Nuts of Horror

‘Bleeker Hill will delight fans of dystopian literature.’ –Portland Book Review

‘A book to be quietly creeped out by on a cold, rainy day.’ –San Francisco Book Review

Bleeker Hill


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