Jump aboard the red aeroplane with Dinosaur Detective and travel the world in search of lost animals and people. From the jungle to the stormy sea to outer space, test your spotting skills in this puzzle-packed tour of a dozen different destinations. Kids will love this mystery hide-and-seek spotting adventure with a flying dinosaur detective!

Pore over dizzyingly detailed illustrations to help Dinosaur Detective find the lost animals and people in these weird and wonderful places:

  • The Old Town – find dog’s best friend, cat
  • The Caves – find the princess’s lost blue toad
  • The Mountain  – find the teacher’s student
  • The Fair  – find bear’s friend, snake
  • The Olympic Village  – find the gymnast’s rabbit
  • The Museum  – find the boy’s grandpa
  • The Forest  – find the woman’s son
  • Space  – find the alien’s boss
  • The Jungle  – find the lemur parents’ daughter
  • The Ocean  – find the woman’s sailor husband
  • The Big City  – find the woman’s brother
  • Dinosaur Detective’s Home  – find Dinosaur Detective


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