Ellie Pillai has decided to be a better friend, daughter, future sister and all round Better Person. Which means Trying To Help and sometimes doing the exact opposite. Armed with Dr Jada’s podcast on how to beat heartbreak she’s determined not to get distracted from her mission by Ash Anderson (ex-boyfriend), Shawn Kowalski (current bandmate) or the cute guy she just met at her Aunt’s wedding (future husband?).

Because Ellie Pillai is better than the boys she thinks she loves. But then the song she wrote about heartbreak goes viral and suddenly all anyone wants to talk about is love and who she’s going to choose, when Ellie Pillai wants to choose anything except that feeling of not knowing what you want. Throw in some exams, an audition for drama school, a record company in New York, a heavily pregnant mum and a Granny with a penchant for emotional blackmail and Ellie Pillai is more confused than ever.

Why is being a better person so hard? And can you beat heartbreak, if you’re not really sure you want to?