Vikings! Dragons! Adventure on the high seas! Buckle up for the ultimate Viking saga, retold with extraordinary flair by Monty Python’s Terry Jones. This is the tale of a Viking warrior who lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago. His name was Erik.

His ship was called Golden Dragon, and its figurehead was a fierce monster carved out of wood, and covered with gold leaf. One day Erik said to his wife, ‘I must find the land where the sun goes at night.’ But his wife replied, ‘No one has ever been to that far country. And of those who have tried few have ever returned .

. .’ As Erik and the crew of the Golden Dragon set off in search of adventure, their courage, skill, strength and stamina will all be tested to the extreme. Terry Jones’s unforgettable retelling delivers drama, magic, monsters and heroes.

‘Filled with magic and adventure . . .

Terry had a mythmaker’s soul and a historian’s mind.’ – Neil Gaiman With an exclusive foreword from the author, and packed with colour illustrations from multi-awardwinning illustrator Michael Foreman.