About this book: The solitude and desolation of chalk downland, the timeless antiquity, the serenity of rivers in their wooded valley, intimate villages of greensand and thatch, ancient churches, pubs and paths- walking in South Wiltshire cannot fail to invigorate and delight! This is a book by local writers and walkers who all know these landscapes well, and who have been exploring and studying them for many years. They were invited to choose and describe their favourite walks, and then to enthuse about their history, literature, geology, wildlife, archaeology – whatever is their particular interest. Walk instructions are printed in bold type in numbered paragraphs, which correspond to the numbers on the accompanying sketch maps. These maps are schematic only, and walkers are strongly advised to refer to the relevant Ordnance Survey maps (the editor here advises buying the 1:25,000 series), for which the sheet numbers are given in the headings of each walk. Between the instructions are paragraphs of description, photographs, and shaded boxes that give condensed information about specific topics. There are also suggestions for further reading.

Footsteps : The Cream of South...


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