**A STUNNING GRAPHIC NOVEL FROM THE WINNER OF THE BEST BOOK AWARD 2013/14 BRITISH COMIC BOOK AWARDS**Imagine you made something that was so beautiful and powerful that everyone wanted to take it for themselves. And then you had to watch them destroy it. Would you fight for it?Meet Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess who created the Earth and the universe that stretched beyond it in this fascinating graphic novel.

She raised trees from their roots to the sky, sent waterfalls tumbling over cliffs and created the tides that sloshed on the shore. But she also created a force she couldn’t control: the ambition of gods. Gaia watched as the gods fought brutal wars and manipulated mortals such as Hercules and Achilles, disturbing peace on Earth.

Storms raged, fires blazed and people, animals and plants suffered. Gaia begged the gods to look after her creation, but no one listened. Gaia never gave up fighting for a better world.

This is her story. This action-packed graphic novel is written and illustrated by two remarkable sisters, Imogen and Isabel Greenberg