Find out the real story about the bugs all around us. Creepy crawlies do so much for us! They make honey, eat waste, help make chocolate and more.   And in this wacky book, these helpful critters are taking you on a grand tour of their homes! They just can’t wait to tell you about all the good they do.

They’ll show you the specialskillsandfeatures they have, explain why they’re so importanttotheecosystem, and generally make their case for why they deserve a little more credit.   You’ll meet:   the flesh-eatingbeetles who may sound creepy but are just misunderstood. In fact, they help museum staff clean up old specimens, and out in the wild, they make sure the world’s forest floors aren’t littered with dead creatures, saving us from very gruesome woodland walks the midges who are one of the only bugs able to pollinate cacao plants, and withoutwhomtherewouldbenochocolate! the wax mothcaterpillars—one of the firstspeciesknown to be able to safely digestplastic, who could hold the key to reducing this tough-to-break-down material   And many, many more!  Withoutinsects like the ones in this book, wewouldn’tbehere, but theyaredisappearingfast.

This book introduces young readers to a loveablebunchofbugs, encouraging a newgenerationofmini-beastprotectors. Support your child’s learning and gently introduce them to environmental issues with this colourful and fun book that’s packed with fascinating facts.