An aristocratic businessman reveals the latest must have: a pillar of crystals that when placed in the home, create beautiful illusions and allow powerful spells to be performed.

At the same time, Henriett, a disgraced biological professor now studying botany in a town far away, feels the disquiet in the air as specimens she has studied for years begin inexplicably dying out.

On travelling to Ismyre, to warn of an imbalance within the world’s ecosystem and magic, she encounters a young magician called Niklas who is there for a very different reason. Alongside a crew of ex-academics and inhabitants of smaller surrounding villages, Henriett and Emlyn work together to uncover the strange imbalance being created in the world.

Set many years prior to the events of B. Mure’s fantasy mystery, IsmyreTerrible Means explores the backstory of this mystical old place and its weird and wonderful inhabitants – not

Terrible Means


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