‘Ursula Le Guin was able to reimagine many concepts we take to be natural, shared, and unalterable – gender, utopia, creation, war, family, the city, the country – and reveal the all-too-human constructions at their centre … Literature will miss her. There’s no one like her’ Zadie Smith’Le Guin is a writer of phenomenal power’ OBSERVERThrough his dreams, George Orr can make alternate realities real – but who is controlling him?War rages and global warming wreaks havoc on the quality of life everywhere as seven billion people jostle for living space and food.

For George Orr, a mild and unremarkable man, the world is overwhelmingly difficult. But George is different: his dreams can change reality – although he has no means of controlling this extraordinary power. Psychiatrist Dr William Haber offers to help, directing George to dream a world without racism.

But as ambition gets the better of ethics, no one can predict the devastating consequences.

The Lathe Of Heaven


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