Adventure awaits! A quest is coming! Excitementenvelopes all! …And it’s disturbing a reclusive young wizerd’speace and quiet!A garden-tending wizerd isdragged into the adventuring life by a small warrior princess, as they seek theingredients of a wish-granting potion. (The warrior princesses wish? To get bigand strong – and hunky! – really hunky!) Thanks to ransackinggoblins, a too-noble knight, an evil wych, and the warrior’s endlessappetite, securing the potion ingredients won’t be as quick or as simpleas the wizerd had hoped!The Wizerd and thePotion of Dreams packs humor, heart, and heaps of distractions into a fantasyadventure sure to please any adventurer out there.

The Wizerd, Vol. 1: And the Po...


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