Dive into the depths and discover the mysteries of the world of water. Water – it can be hard as rock, silky soft, and often barely there. We can’t live without it, but can’t breathe within it.

This shape-shifting element washes in on our shores, pours on our towns, and winds through our fields. We are mostly made out of water, but how much do we really know about it? Water features in creation myths from across the globe. Watery gods and goddesses glide across all continents, stories of Selkies and Siren-like creatures sing up from every sea.

Water has the power to give life and to take it away. Dive between the pages of this book, into the ocean depths to discover sunken lands. Sail in and out of legends laden with weird and wonderful monsters.

Spin the globe to track migrating whales and sort the fantasy creatures from the real ones. From myths and legends, folklore and fables, to amazing discoveries, and undiscovered depths – explore the amazing world of water in this beautifully illustrated book for young readers.