Embark on a prehistoric journey with this board book of fun stories and incredible facts about dinosaurs. Introducing A Dinosaur’s Day: Deinonychus Goes Hunting – a story time adventure that teaches kids exciting facts about dinosaurs. Go on an adventure with a young deinonychus as it searches for food, gets caught in a storm, and learns to climb trees with its big claws.

Packed with beautiful pictures and compelling facts, this dinosaur book helps children aged 3-6 to learn about the deinonychus species through images, pronunciation guides, and amazing facts and figures. Little dinosaur lovers can join Deinonychus on a quest to find food and hunt down prey in the mighty Jurassic world. A Dinosaur’s Day: Deinonychis Goes Hunting…

– Helps children learn about dinosaurs in this beautiful picture book format. – Teaches readers dinosaur facts and behaviour in a very natural way. – Includes a non-fiction section about the dinosaur species following the story.

– Features bright, colourful pages with an engaging narrative. – Has clear and fun text to help children learn and engage easily. Teach children about different prehistoric species in this educational dinosaur book through a fun and engaging story and vibrant images.

This fantastic dinosaur interactive book is perfect for pre-reading toddlers, and children just learning to read. Little ones can enjoy the spectacular scenery in the Jurassic world along the way, as Deinonychus climbs, feasts and flees. Complete the seriesThis delightful dinosaur book is part of the A Dinosaur’s Day series of board books for babies and toddlers from DK Books and also includes A Dinosaur’s Day: Diplodocus Finds Its Family.