Set in the same world as A Curse of Salt, a heartbreaking sapphic romantasy inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. A broken treatyA wolf in sheep’s clothing And a love that will need to defy all odds to survive HER RED HOOD CAN’T PROTECT HER HEART . .

. A fifty-year-old treaty between pirates and the city of Bray lies in tatters, so Mersey sets out to free her city – and herself – from the clutches of the Heartless King. But when her reckless plan fails, she finds herself captured by the world’s most notorious pirate crew.

As Mersey battles between fighting for Bray’s safety and falling into the arms of the ship’s cold-blooded first mate, Golde, she’s soon caught up in the beginnings of a war; one she knows will have disastrous consequences for the people she loves, but just might be the thing to set her free. Amid lies, betrayal and a blossoming love for someone she is supposed to want dead, Mersey is torn between two lives. Uncover lurking wolves prepared to pounce and a sweeping romantasy in this enemies-to-lovers fairytale twist set upon stormy seas.

Perfect for fans of Lies We Sing to the Sea and Marissa Meyer.