Energetic little readers will be sent to the land of nod after reading this fun picture book by award-winning illustrator Guilherme Karsten. Are you all set for SLEEPOVER TIME? Monster has your scary pyjamas ready and UNDER the bed is looking perfectly yucky and monstrous. Wait, what do you mean you sleep ON THE BED? Are you not a monster? ALL monsters sleep under the bed! Can you persuade Monster to sleep on the horribly soft bed with a disgustingly fluffy teddy? This soothing book helps little ones fall asleep.
From Guilherme Karsten, the creator of the popular Are You a Monster? book Direct and engaging approach, getting kids excited to fall asleep The go-to book for bedtime to relax kids, quickly becoming a favourite Monster is a fun and relatable figure for kids who don’t want to fall asleep at bedtime   Children will love playing along with the book as this lovable monster invites them to wear ragged pyjamas, crawl under the bed and act like a monster! Kids get to join in with this hilarious story and play their monstrous part, and by the end all little monsters will be feeling calm and sleepy! This is the perfect bedtime book for energetic kids to expel any last bursts of energy they have and settle in for the night as they tell the monster what to do.