From the first light of dawn to the blanketing darkness of the nighttime, discover the different worlds that come to life – with GLOW-IN-THE-DARK surprises!A gentle lyrical story narrates the changing day. In the morning twilight, mule deer nibble grass while a mountain lion stalks nearby, and hummingbirds flit through the air at sunrise. Fireflies sparkle as the day fades to night, then nocturnal creatures comes out to begin their business – view these pages in low light to see what glows in the darkness! Readers can delve into the labels to find out more about the beauty, mystery – and science – of the natural world, and how the plants and animals are perfectly suited to waking up when they do.

Turn to the back to explore ‘A Guide to Day and Night’ and a glossary of keywords. This book perfectly combines story and fact, with beautifully colourful illustrations that show the changing day.