The beginning of an outstanding new middle-grade adventure series, Fablehouse is a spectacular magical adventure steeped in Arthurian legend… Unleash your magic. Save your home.

Fablehouse is a children’s home like no other. Housed in a crumbling mansion that perches on a cliff and backs on to ancient mysterious woodland, this is the home for many of Britain’s Brown Babies, children born to African American GIs and white, British women following the Second World War. Heather has already been through several children’s homes and is trying her hardest not to trust Fablehouse and its unusual head teacher, Miss Isolde.

But when children start acting strangely, Heather discovers a plot from a fae realm to infiltrate and overthrow the human world. With the help of Palamedes – the Black Knight from King Arthur’s Round Table who has been guarding the magical doorway to the fae world – and three friends, Heather sets off on a quest to rescue the children who have been replaced by changelings. No child will be forgotten or discarded on her watch.

Discovering extraordinary powers and a fire inside herself, Heather will battle to save the first place that has felt like home for years…