It’s a noisy world out there. Almost eight billion people are saying hello, asking for directions, buying food, singing lullabies, paying compliments, and all in their own languages – of which there are six or seven thousand! And that’s just humans… animals have millions of languages!Insects, birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians are all talking to each other too, with grunts, squeaks and tweets, as part of the natural orchestra that is Life on Earth.

Some of those noises can sound scary, others sweet… wouldn’t it be nice to be able to understand what they were all trying to say?Author Dr Nick Crumpton acts as our translator and guide through the animal kingdom in this fun, and funny, book. He teaches us what our pet dog’s bark means and how an orangutan says ‘Hello!’ (Whuuu-whuuu-whuuu just in case you ever need it!).

Each sound has been researched using recordings and information from scientists in the field. This book will teach you not just how to chat chicken but also gossip with gorillas, mumble with meerkats and warble with whales. You’ll be ready for any adventure into the animal kingdom.