You might have some serious skills on the sports field, and maybe you are top of your class, but how would you fare in, say, the Jurassic?

Jump into this imaginative new series from National Geographic Kids jam-packed with cool cutting-edge information vetted by the worlds leading experts, playfulness, and creativity to give kids all the know-how they need to survive the age of the dinosaurs!

Thump, thump, thump! Look out! That’s a T-Rex coming your way! You’ve been magically transported back in time to the Age of the Dinosaurs – What do you do?! Test your skills and discover what you’d have to do to find food and build shelter, all while fighting off giant Permian bugs and so much more!

With fun features like how to train a dinosaur, how to spot different dinosaur tracks, and silly prehistoric planet weather reports, this book is perfect for any child who has ever played make-believe or wondered What If? Everything you read is backed up by real science and leading experts in the field! Fans of survival or endurance shows or of time travel and adventure stories will eat this book up!