Learn about the elements that make up our world and the science that defines them. My Book of the Elements is a wonderful introduction to the periodic table for children aged 5-7 who are interested in all things chemistry. Covering all the elements, from the unreactive to the radioactive, as well as key science topics, such as states of matter, this visual book is something that every young science enthusiast will want to own.

Eye-catching images are featured alongside friendly illustrations, giving children plenty to take in and enjoy. This informative chemistry book for children offers:- Clear and accessible text, on a subject that is traditionally difficult, using friendly language and a clear structure. – Fact files provided for each element, with top-trump style comparisons and digestible information.

– An introduction to new and interesting information in this successful series for young learners. Written by an expert author, this series is a source of information you can trust, with age-appropriate text and material that supports your child’s schoolwork. From Hydrogen to Oganesson, each element is explored in detail, with information on properties and use cases, as well as fun facts.

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