Twelve-year-old Edie embarks on an exciting and chilling adventure as she searches for a long-lost Viking hoard. But there are ghosts around Edie who want the past to stay buried, and will stop at nothing to keep secrets hidden. An emotional and spine-tingling adventure perfect for fans of The House with Chicken Legs, A Girl Called Owl and A Pocketful of Stars.

It’s October half term and twelve-year-old Edie and her younger brother Pip are forced to spend their holiday at Fortune Farm, high in the Irish mountains, with their estranged grandmother Lolly. Edie has been dreading it for months – not only is Lolly’s isolated cottage on the shores of Lough Ivarr, the bleakest and most boring place on Earth, it’s also the place where they spent all their holidays when Dad was alive. And Edie doesn’t like thinking about Dad – the memories hurt too much.

When Edie uncovers a clue that could lead her to a long-lost Viking hoard, it’s just the adventure she needs to take her mind off of Dad. But the adventure soon takes an unnerving and dangerous turn, as Edie discovers that Fortune Farm has more secrets, ghosts and forgotten treasures than she had ever dared to dream. Not only must Edie protect Pip from the restless and vengeful spirit of a long-dead Viking chief, she must confront the painful memories she has tried so hard to bury deep within herself.

As Edie races against time to follow the clues that will lead her to the long-lost Viking treasure, she must journey into her grief, her family’s tragic and secretive history and the truth about Coco, Edie’s mysterious new friend who is so much more than she seems.