The Little Book of Butterflies is an essential family guide to butterflies featuring all the species found in the British Isles.

  • Produced in association with Butterfly Conservation – a British conservation charity that works tirelessly to protect butterflies, moths and the environment
  • Know your commas from your clouded yellows and your meadow browns from your marsh fritillaries – this beautiful book features spreads on over 45 British and European butterflies along with photographs and information about many more
  • Brush up on your nature knowledge – each page is packed with information including where each species is found, when the adults fly and what size they are, what family they belong to, what the caterpillars eat and much more besides
  • A delightful spotter’s guide for the whole family – children will delight in learning about the butterflies that they can spot in gardens, parks and the countryside. The book also reinforces key science and nature topics that are taught at school with simple and clear explanations of the most important processes in a butterfly’s life cycle
  • Conservation conscious – there has never been a more important time to be interested in butterflies. They are a vital indicator of the health of our ecosystems. This book introduces the measures we can take to ensure their survival and encourages everyone to preserve the planet’s plants and wildlife
  • Great gift – an absolute must-have for children who love nature and the outdoors and for parents who want to learn at the same time