Learn crucial survival skills from world-famous ex-SAS author and survival expert Andy McNab. If you want to be ready for the outdoors, street-smart in the city, and even safe online, this book will show you how!Find out the best way to set up a camp, safely start a campfire, find your bearings, search for food and water and stay safe in the great outdoors. As well as crucial basics for camping and hiking, readers will discover what to do about more unusual events – including escaping quicksand, tsunamis and wild animal attacks.

This book also features a guide to urban survival – how to stay safe in the city, avoid stranger danger, find your way around any urban environment, and how to manage any emergency. Plus, with years of military-grade security experience, Andy also gives crucial tips on staying safe online. Discover how to make an unbreakable password, how to hide your identity from trolls and scammers, and how to banish cyber-bullies.

Ex-SAS Sergeant Andy McNab became the UK’s most decorated soldier, and is the author of best-selling fiction including Bravo Two Zero. With years of experience of surviving the world’s most gruelling situations, Andy delivers hard-won advice in clear and simple language, with lots of practical tips, visual references and anecdotes from his own survival experience. This is the fun, simple and 100% authentic realworld survival guide that every young reader needs!