Did you know that bubblewrap started life as a new type of wallpaper that didn’t catch on?! Or that Lonnie Johnson invented the Nerf Super Soaker while working on a NASA mission to Saturn?Blue Peter Award-winner Mike Barfield tells the fascinating true stories behind an amazing range of inventions and innovations. From bubblewrap to the barcode, from pizza to post-its, from trainers to the teddy bear! The story of each invention is told in a lively comic-strip format, and we meet the colourful cast of characters involved in these light-bulb moments which changed the world in big or tiny ways. An irresistible way into science and technology with a dash of history, from the brilliant Mike Barfield, author of A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You which won the 2021 Blue Peter Award for a Book With Facts.