A hugely uplifting and full-of-heart picture book by CBeebies sensation George Webster and bestselling illustrator Tim Budgen! Meet George and his friends! This is me. I am George. My eyes are sparkly, just like my mum.

Like my dad, I’m determined and brave, and like my sister, I’m full of FUN! This is Me celebrates our differences and is perfect for every child and every family. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt and positive story, with illustrations that are guaranteed to make you smile. This is Me will bring out the glow in everyone! Our differences make us special.

We don’t all have to be the same. Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone had the same name. With bright and engaging illustrations alongside a genuine and heartfelt story, This is Me is the perfect picture book for any child.

So, get ready to read all about George, a little boy with the biggest heart! George Webster is an actor, BAFTA-winning presenter, Ambassador for Mencap, and a star of Strictly Come Dancing 2022, including its Christmas Day special. George was catapulted into the public eye when he spoke about Down syndrome in his myth-busting video for BBC Bitesize, and was later asked to be a presenter on CBeebies. George was the first ever CBeebies presenter to have Down syndrome.

Tim Budgen is the outstanding illustrator of bestselling books such as Twenty Dinosaurs at Bedtime, Twenty Unicorns at Bedtime and The Magic Pet Shop series. Tim’s illustrations are bright, engaging and perfect for children! With a joyous rhyming story and a whole host of children alongside the main character, this powerful picture book is the perfect way to show children that not only are they amazing, but their friends, family and even people they haven’t yet met are amazing too!