REACH FOR THE STARS with budding astronaut LUNA SCOPE! Luna wants nothing more than to blast off into space and explore the cosmos, but how does she go from a cardboard rocket in her room to running experiments on the International Space Station? Enter Granny, who’s about to teach Luna just how to make her dream a reality. From discovering what shooting stars are really made of and learning how to complete a spacewalk, to rocket building lessons by Mary Jackson and space shuttle trips with Mae Jamison- Luna and her Granny take us on a crash course adventure into how to become a successful astronaut. But what Luna soon comes to realise is that, despite all this training, she’s been standing in space this whole time.

Zooming through the cosmos on a blue-and-green ball we call Earth. Because she’s always been an astronaut … in fact, we are ALL astronauts.

We just need the tools to get us there. Mixing STEM topics with a sweet story of figuring out your place in the world, Kate Pankhurst’s new series is an accessible, fun and friendly introduction to space for the next generation of space-travellers, whoever they may be.