The journey winds through me, twisted and turned, like a difficult second spine! Having escaped their city, Juniper Greene and her brother Bear have settled in Ennerdale with their dad and his family. Every day the wild introduces them to a new wonder, but Juniper can’t stop worrying about her grandmother and best friend left behind. When she hears news that disease has entered the city, she’s determined to bring her loved ones to safety.

Trapped in a city riddled with disease and run by a ruthless leader, Etienne longs for the wild. With the guards becoming more aggressive to counteract the growing rebellion, Etienne’s prepared to fight for his freedom. But will he be able to protect himself and keep those around him safe until Juniper returns from the wild?The compelling and thought-provoking sequel to the much-loved WHERE THE WORLD TURNS WILD, this ecological adventure is perfect for fans of THE LAST BEAR, RUNNING ON THE ROOF OF THE WORLD and THE LAST WILD.

PRAISE FOR WHERE THE WORLD TURNS WILD:”Some books are excellent story-telling, and some books broaden your knowledge and mind, and some just ought to be written and this book is all three. I loved it.”  Hilary McKay, author of THE SKYLARKS’ WAR”A beautiful, memorable story about all the important things, love, family, loyalty, and courage  contained inside a brilliant adventure, WHERE THE WORLD TURNS WILD can’t fail to enthral any reader lucky enough to encounter it.”  Sinead O’Hart, author of THE TIME TIDER “Wondrous, warm-hearted, wildly exhilarating […] The world is familiar and frightening, the relationships between characters beautifully rendered  Nicola Penfold is an author to watch.”  Nizrana Farook, author of THE GIRL WHO STOLE AN ELEPHANT