The next action-packed FIREBORN adventure ‘The best kind of children’s fantasy story: thrilling and imaginative’ B. B. Alston, author of Amari and the Night Brothers ‘The perfect balance of high adventure, breathless action and eerie wonder’ Jonathan Stroud, author of the Bartimaeus trilogy HOPE GROWS FROM THE ASHES .

. . Twelve has chosen a Hunter name to reflect her elemental powers: Phoenix.

When she and her friends learn that the witch-palace of Icegaard is in grave danger, they must battle frightening new monsters and find a way to defeat the evil force. But as Phoenix tries to control her fiery powers, the faceless Croke begins to haunt her dreams and she will have to fight with everything she’s got to save Icegaard and all of Ember. The third book in the FIREBORN series, Starling and the Cavern of Light, is available to pre-order now!