Under the bloody rule of King Arthur – as the cruel knights of the round table wage wars and hunt magical creatures – the ordinary people of Camelot are getting sick. Really sick. Something is poisoning the land.

No one in Arthur’s court seems to care, but a spark of hope remains… The Holy Grail could save them all, and two children embark on a quest to find it. Shy, gentle Roan, a young dog keeper who works for the knights, is desperate to find a cure for his mum.

He befriends Elva, a generous and outspoken kitchenhand with her own reasons for seeking the elusive Grail. Together, can they beat the knights to find it? And will drinking from it save Roan’s mum?Clare Pollard’s first book for children revisits Arthurian legends in a thrilling tale of adventure and mystery. *The Untameables* turns traditional folklore on its head and forces us to think about how legends are written and whose stories get told.

Beautifully illustrated by Reena Makwana.