A brand new Goosebumps series is coming-prepare to be scared like never before! From the delightfully twisted mind of R.L. Stine comes a fresh new vision for the fan-favorite brand. Mario Galagos is joining his best friends Todd and Jewel on their annual holiday visit to snowy Vermont.

Everything looks picture perfect at first. But then Mario finds a small statue of a strange, ugly creature in the garden and brings it inside. Little does he know the stone creature is actually a real, live goblin.

By bringing it inside, Mario has just started a war with all of its hideous goblin friends! This exciting new Goosebumps series will have the same humor and terrifying tone that millions of readers love, but will be bigger, bolder, funnier, and scarier! Goosebumps is soon to be a major Apple TV series The perfect spooky read for 8+ readers