A heart-warming adventure about the unbreakable bond between a dog and his human from a beloved and twice Costa-shortlisted author. “A beautiful, heartfelt adventure.” Sophie Anderson“I’m Tom’s dog, and he’s my human. We belong to each other.” Rebel is a good dog, and he loves his simple, perfect life on the farm with his owner Tom – until one day the war comes too close… Now Tom is determined to join the rebellion to defeat the king’s men.

But Rebel knows war is dangerous, and he will stop at nothing to save the human he loves. Rebel must bring Tom home before it’s too late. “A fantastic quest novel that sits between Charlotte’s Web and War Horse.

Rebel’s voice is true and clear: he is the best of dogs and this is the best of books.” Phil Earle”An instant classic. Outstanding writing and a richly adventurous story – Montgomery has reached a whole new level.” Katya Balen“A terrific tail! A tail-thumping, tongue-lolling treat full of adventure, humour and heart.” Ross Welford“I Am Rebel both broke my heart and made it sing. This book is as close to perfect as it’s possible to get.” Natasha Farrant“The goodest story about the goodest boy.

I love Rebel like my own dog.” Carlie Sorosiak