From the award-winning author of The Brightstorm Chroncles, Vashti Hardy, comes a powerful new story set in a surprising world filled with action, adventure and big questions about family and what it means to be human. Perfect for readers aged 9+ and for fans of Ross Welford and Piers Torday. Twelve-year-old Rose can’t remember anything before last week, when she woke up not knowing her own name, her own house, or or even her own mother.

The only thing Rose recognized was her puppy, North. But Mother patiently explained everything – well, not everything. Not the real-feeling dreams Rose has about a mysterious forest she half-recognizes.

Or why she is not allowed to stray beyond the garden, out into Luminelle, the vast city surrounding them. Mother is kind and helpful, but Rose can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right. Or maybe it’s everything that’s not right? But then, when Rose flees to the outside world with North, it quickly becomes clear to Rose that she is different.

And for reasons she doesn’t understand, she’s dangerous. On an unforgettable journey of discovery, Rose uncovers life-altering truths about the city she’s in, the people around her … and ultimately herself.