The second book in the thrilling middle grade mystery series, perfect for fans of Robin Steven’s Murder Most Unladylike. Set in eighteenth-century London, with all the fun and zest of Hamilton and inspired by real Black British historical figures. Agents of history.

Partners in Mystery. Sisters in solving crime. Twelve-year-olds Lizzie Sancho and Dido Belle are from different worlds – Lizzie lives in Westminster in her dad’s tea shop, while Belle is an heiress being brought up by her aunt and uncle at grand Kenwood House – but they both share a love of solving mysteries.

And after saving Lizzie’s father from attempted murder surely there is no threat too dangerous for the detective duo? But when the brand new portrait of the Sancho family goes missing, it soon becomes clear to see that a much bigger, more terrifying secret haunts the cobbled streets of London. A conspiracy is underway, one that begins with the kidnapping of Lizzie’s friend Mercury, and leads all the way to a series of attempted poisonings, all at the hands of an ominous organisation pulling the strings from the shadows. Not to mention Belle’s cousin Eliza is back and town, who us acting stranger than ever and seems determined to keep getting in the way of their investigations!And just who is that mysterious figure they keep glimpsing floating around the grounds of Kenwood House? When anyone could be involved in this Brotherhood of Masters, who can Lizzie and Belle trust? Once again it is up to the two girls to unveil the truth and put an end to the corruption that plagues the city.