There’s a ghost in Richard’s wardrobe. Every day he carries out a series of rituals which he believes will keep the ghost trapped inside. He tries to tell his friends and family, but they dismiss his worries and concerns as being part of his OCD.

But then one day, the wardrobe door is opened… And that’s when the hauntings begin. An own-voices novel about mental health, family, friendship, confronting fear and accepting change This is the new novel by Ian Eagleton – the Polari-prize-winning author of GLITTER BOY Perfect for fans of THE BOY AT THE BACK OF THE CLASS, Jennifer Killick and Neil Gaiman’s THE GRAVEYARD BOOK Praise for GLITTER BOY, Ian’s debut novel for 9+ readers: “Poignant, defiantly fabulous story” – Guardian “GLITTER BOY is a nuanced, heart-warming and character led story of finding joy and love” – Elle McNicoll, author of A KIND OF SPARK