The next amazing book in THE DREAM TEAM series!Praise for Jaz Santos vs. The World:’Exciting, original and heart-warming’ – Jacqueline Wilson’Priscilla Mante is an author to watch’ – Aisha Bushby—A heart-warming, inclusive and funny new story about three big F’s: friends, following your dreams and football!Hi! I’m Charligh, and one day I’m going to be a big star. I’m full of PIZZAZZ after all, and everyone I’ve ever met tells me I’m unforgettable.

In a good way, I think . . .

I’ve always loved attention, but at the moment, there’s a teeny tiny chance I’m getting it for all the wrong reasons. For one thing, me and my very-nearly-world-famous team, the Bramrock Stars, have got a big football tournament to win. But I just can’t stop tripping over the ball! And although I’ve got my dream part in the school play, the words just won’t stick in my head.

What’s going to happen if I can’t learn my lines? Luckily for me, my best friends really are the bestest, and I know they’ll help me whatever it takes. It’s time for me to step into the spotlight, and prove girls really can do anything!