Kamaria loves nature but can a thirteen-year-old dreamer really make a difference? This summer, her life will change forever when she discovers extraordinary mythical creatures who need her help … A story of family, secrets and nature in peril for readers who love to be inspired. Thirteen-year-old Kamaria lives for nature and dreams of attending an eco-camp abroad.

But Kamaria’s overprotective parents worry about exploring in her hometown, so how likely is that? Then summer is turned upside down by a visiting cousin who isn’t shy about bending the rules … When strange mythical creatures appear to Kamaria, desperately seeking her help, she knows she must find a safe haven for them. Can the cousins put aside their differences to help each other do what they love? And will Kamaria find her voice to make a change?An empowering heartfelt love-letter to the natural world, inspiring everyone to believe in being the change they seek.

You can make a difference!