Ever since she fell into the Source of all magic, Tourmaline seems to have developed strange new powers that are causing chaos. She can’t work out how to control them and it’s exhausting hiding them from everyone (except her best friends George and Mai). Then Tourmaline receives a mysterious postcard, promising her solutions and sending her on quests to amazing places.

But who has sent Tourmaline the card? And will the adventure be worth the price for answers?The second book in a fun, feminist fantasy adventure series, with a protagonist that flies off the page and into readers’ imaginations. Perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell, Vashti Hardy and Abi Elphinstone. PRAISE FOR TOURMALINE AND THE ISLAND OF ELSEWHERE:“This unforgettable adventure will bring you to places beyond your wildest imagination…” – Sinéad O’Hart, author of THE TIME TIDER “This is such an exciting, magical adventure, written with wit and warmth and a wonderfully bold and bolshy heroine.

It feels like an instant classic.” – Sophie Cameron, author of OUR SISTER, AGAIN“Sharply drawn, beautifully observed and with plenty of action and humour to make the reader gasp and shriek in equal measure” Lou Abercrombie, author of COMING UP FOR AIR“A brilliantly written and spirited adventure filled with magic, mystery, peril, humour and some stunning twists and turns that completely captivated me. Can’t wait for the next adventure with the indomitable Tourmaline – LOVED it.” Kevin Cobane, educator“There is something unexpected around every corner keeping them, and us, the reader, on our toes in this thrilling adventure story. The writing is brilliantly accomplished and you will soon lose yourself in the story.” Armadillo Magazine